Latest round of funding for mobile AI vision technology company brings total venture capital investment to $37 million

Boston — July 7, 2021 — , a market leader in mobile data capture, today announced that it has raised $20 million in a growth funding round to meet the rapidly growing…

How to calculate the distribution of liquidation proceeds (i.e., the “Waterfall”) of your company

A liquidation preference is part of practically all shareholder agreements of VC backed companies and is meant to serve as protection for investors. It provides for the investors first getting their money back before the remainder of the proceeds is being distributed amongst all shareholders.

In one of my previous…

Way to go ! [PR]

5 Million Euro Series B Funding for Loyalty Prime’s Next Generation SaaS Loyalty Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence

Loyalty Prime Develops AI Based Loyalty Platform

Munich, February 6th, 2020

, an international provider of enterprise loyalty program solutions has successfully closed its 5 million Euro Series B to drive the development of its next generation loyalty software based on artificial intelligence (AI). …

Only 12 months after initial investment Anyline raised its next round of financing. Well deserved!

Anyline: $12 million Series A funding proves huge untapped potential of mobile Optical Character Recognition

European-born innovation heads across the Atlantic as the latest round of funding brings total venture capital investment to ​$17 million

Vienna , Austria — 15/01/2020:​ ​​, a leading Vienna-based provider of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology working with Toyota, IBM and PepsiCo has raised $12 million in Series A funding to help it to…

… aka why you should convince your early investors not to ask for it

Quick recap: A liquidation preference becomes relevant at exit. It provides for the investors first getting their money back before the remainder of the proceeds is being distributed pro-rata amongst all shareholders. There are many varieties of liquidation preferences (“LP”). …

[PR] No-Code Platform Open as App raises €5.2 million

VC investors Ventech and Senovo lead €5.2m Series A fundraising for Munich-based Open as App — the first No-Code, automated app development platform

Munich, 15.10.2019 — Open as App, the first No-Code platform for automated app creation, raised a Series A…

Holidu raises €40m Series C financing and announces solution for vacation rental owners

Holidu, a leading tech company in the vacation rental industry, announced today that it has closed a €40m Series C funding round. The round was led by Prime Ventures, with participation from coparion and MairDuMont Ventures. …

We’ve seen entrepreneurs with great products in great markets who still didn’t manage to grow their start-up into a fast-scaling company, who couldn’t lift their start-up’s real potential and who suffered personally because they didn’t get out of the “Jack of all trades” role.

In those cases — if it’s…

Press Release — Great to be part of Anyline’s terrific journey!

Investors at PUSH Ventures are joining with new investors, Senovo, to provide Viennese technology company Anyline with a cash injection to fund their growth and expansion as an international business. Anyline will receive two million euro to help them meet the demands of their fast-growing market.

Vienna, 29.01.2019.

Vienna tech-experts Anyline have established themselves as a market leader in their field with their AI-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. They have greatly expanded the application of cross-industry scanning solutions and enabled the highest recognition rates in real time for documents and objects under the most diverse…

Little less than two years ago joined Senovo as a partner. Until then at Senovo we followed a marketing strategy which could be best described as “it is deeds, not words” that should convince entrepreneurs to work with us.

We felt that for a new VC (we started 2012)…

Frederick Mallinckrodt

Venture Capital Investor - B2B Saas @senovoVC

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